5 Winning Tactics for Your Wedding Day Sparkler Photos

April 30, 2020

Why Long Sparklers are Good on a Wedding Day


#1 Speak to your wedding venue first as all of them have their own rules and regulations. Ask if it is allowed. Are there any restrictions? Can you do it at any time?


#2 Speak to your photographer. Wedding day sparkler photos need some prep time, so let your photographer know in advance. There are various type of sparkler photos that you can do and the planning is key. Below, I’ve added a few of photographs that I have taken at weddings.

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#3 Get the longest sparklers you can find. 18″ is ideal as it gives you extra photo time once they are lit, and in general is a bit safer for you and your guests.

#4 Avoid using matches. They are short, inconsistent and they will most likely burn everyones fingers before any sparklers are lit. Several, long lighters are the best.

#5 Have a sand bucket ready for easy access after the sparklers photo has taken place. Safety first.

As well as safety, the bucket(s) & sparklers can be used as part of the wedding decorations during the day time. It helps your guests to know that you are planning a sparklers photo and the buckets will also make it easy to tidy up.

Wedding day sparkler bucket ideas

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Wedding Day Sparkler Photos

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Boom! Awesome set of images!!!

Great tips there Eneka with some gorgeous images too! Always a lot more to sparkler shots than people imagine! Xx

Really good advice and top tips! Thanks Eneka.

Very useful tips, especially getting those extra long sparklers!

Such good advice – love a sparkler shot

Great advice, people often don’t but them long enough!

What a great set of advices! For sure will take them into consideration! 😀

This is perfect advice! Also the sparkler shots are wonderful 🙂

Wedding sparkler gold, right there!… Practical and insightful, good job Eneka! 🙂

Great ideas for couples Eneka, I’m always glad I don’t have hair when doing sparkler shots!

Excellent sparkly advice. A great idea for a blog post!

Such a great blog for couples, I actually them the same stuff as you’ve pointed out but the biggest one “make sure you have enough lighters!”, had one wedding with 50 people trying to light off 2 lighters…..

So glad you like this. Yes, thumbs up to lots and lots of long lighters.

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