Best clothing ideas for your portraits or pre-wedding photoshoot

January 22, 2014

Scotland pre-wedding photography

Scotland pre-wedding photography

What to wear at your portraits or pre-wedding shoot?

Some days I wake up with a very clear plan of which clothes I’m going to wear for the day and on other days – it feels like the most challenging task I have ever faced! It’s not because I have too many clothes, I may have too many shoes, but clothes – no! However, it’s natural to not always know what to wear as the events of the day vary, some days requiring comfort and other days a smart looking outfit.

When it comes to choosing an outfit for a portrait or a pre-wedding shoot, it may feel a taunting task as we all want to look our best. I have put together some tips* that will help to make a good choice of clothing for your photoshoot as of course, I want you to look comfortable and at your best on your photos as well.

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It is a fact that not all clothes fit and suit every single person as we all are different shapes and heights. However, do you know your body shape? Here is an image of the most common body shapes from stylist Kate Caviar’s site which may help to decide whether you are the shape of apple, rectangle, pear, inverted triangle or hourglass. Once you have a rough idea which body shape you might be, you can see below some suggestion for what to wear.


Clothing ideas for portrait photoshoot

Best clothing ideas for your portrait or pre-wedding photoshoot

My general recommendation is that wear what you normally wear, however try to avoid just black or grey clothing, logo shirts, very busy patterns, lots of jewellery or matching colours with your partner. And less is better really! Bring along few changes if you like as this will give some flexibility! So, depending which shape your are, here are some more guidelines you can follow in preparation of your photoshoot!

The Apple

– Avoid oversized or without shape
– Avoid high neckline
– Try single button jacket or belt at waist

The Rectangle/Column 

– Try waist defining element or shirts with belt
– Try patterns that give illusion of shape
– Try pleats or fabric with shape

The Pear

– Bare arms or strapless are good
– Avoid side pockets or anything that enhances the hips/thighs
– Try brighter colour or details up top
– Plain or darker colours on bottom

The Inverted Triangle 

– Avoid spaghetti or sleeveless tops
– Avoid skinny jeans
– Avoid ruffles and bright coloured tops
– Try skirt with movement or flared skirts
– Try skirts, trousers with more shape

The Hourglass 

– Try fitted clothing
– Avoid loose shapeless clothing

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*Reference to fashion photographer Lindsay Adler


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