Gibraltar Travel Photography by Eneka Stewart

May 21, 2014

Gibraltar Travel Photographer

Never in my dreams did I imagine that I will sail from Gibraltar to Malta!

My very dear friends sold their house and everything in it. Replaced their sailing boat with a bigger one and decided to go and sail around the world with their boat called Britican. I had sailed with them a couple of times so I knew it is something they have dreamt for a while. But when the news came through that they are actually going I was happy and sad at the same time. Sad because I’m not seeing my friends now as often as I used to but happy as it’s their opportunity to live their dreams and it would be wrong to not support your friends in such adventures.

However, never could I imagine that I would sail with them across the open Mediterranean without stopping in a marina overnight as we used to. But when the opportunity came to join them for a while, I was delighted and excited to help out and document their first leg from Gibraltar to Malta.

I arrived in Gibraltar a few days before we planned to set sail and man I was pleased to be there early. I arrived with a stinking cold which got worse over night and even got everyone worried that I may have to return home due to illness. Thankfully, a pile of medications did its magic and I even had some time to do some sightseeing with the crew and a lovely lady called Steph. Kim & Simon – the boat oweners- met Steph through Twitter and she is a meteorologist in Gibralatar. She very kindly offered to take us for a tour and showed us the wonderful sights of Gibraltar. What a super amazing lady, big thank you to Steph! She is also a keen photographer and I very much hope we will meet again.

Gibraltar is a place to visit! The area is only 2.6 sq miles but despite its size, there is plenty to do and see. My favourite moment was to be able to see some fairly large monkeys only a hand’s stretch away. They move around freely and kept an eye out for any piece of food either in your hand or bag. One cheeky monkey even grabbed my rucksack and started to pull which obviously freaked me out. Fortunately the grabbing and pulling was over in seconds and I just made sure my bag was zipped and secured as we carried on admiring the views.

My favourite spot was on top of the cliff which gave us some stunning views to the Rock of Gibraltar, Spain and North Africa. Later we visited the St Michael’s Cave which during the Second World War was used as a hospital for soldiers. Today it’s a tourist attraction but also used for concerts, weddings and other events. I would absolutely love to shoot a wedding in there, I think it would be spectacular.

The day after the sightseeing we set sail to Malta but that’s another story to follow…

If you are interested in Gibraltar’s weather then check out Steph’s Twitter account HERE.

Gibraltar Travel Photography

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Lovely photos Eneka. This is making want to go on holiday!

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